About Us

Our Mission

To take young people off the streets and give them strong inner core which will give them the sense of direction in life and resist many bad temptations in the future. Strong ethics and understanding the value of hard work will create miracles in seemingly impossible situations. It is that gift of knowledge and skill, which they will enjoy for the rest of their lives. It is that inner core which will allow them to stay focused on their lifetime goals. It will make a difference between good and bad, life and death situations or between taking or not illegal drugs. We understand that professional athlete life is not for everyone, but everyone needs the knowledge and skill to make it in life. The way we do it is through Sports in general and through Sambo specifically.

Master instructor James White (Dima)

Teaches all classes. James started his martial arts training in 1970.
His accomplishments include:

  • Master Sport of Sambo
  • Medalist of Ukraine National Championship Of Sambo
  • Medalist of USA National Karate Tournaments
  • Certified Sambo and Combat Sambo Coach
  • Certified National Referee
  • Certified International Referee
  • Coach of 14 Medalists athletes in USA Open Sambo Championships